The big idea

I don't want your money.

I don’t want your equity either. The world needs bold business – I want to help take yours to the next level by leveraging my 14 years of agency experience in innovation. I’m on sabbatical for 6 months travelling the world, looking to help ambitious leaders like you realize their dreams. But I don’t want your money. If you feel I’ve helped, buy me lunch instead?




How I can help

Helping you focus innovation, structure strategy, & embed change

Want to take it to the next level, but where to start? Having worked for A brands and startups across 3 continents, I can help you make strategic decisions about your business, brand, and offering – or simply help you get unstuck. Everyone can benefit from a personal coach. My talent lies in bringing structure to your approach, helping you get down to the essence, and in making tomorrow’s steps tangible.

How we can work together

All you need is a good lunch

Everyone needs to eat! Lunch is a perfect time to reflect and re-prioritize. In 1-2 hours we can get a lot done, focusing on your challenge. At a high level we will cover your personal ambitions, business model, customers, competitive advantage, and conclude with clear next steps. Here is my agenda, pick a city that suits you and contact me to have lunch!



Some Working Lunches! Some are individuals in need of coaching, some are fully funded teams of 100+ people. So far, I’ve been in 6 cities and 4 countries.

“Even though I coach startups myself, I need a coach too! Reinier helps me see a big picture – he helps me distinguish misleading details from the big things that matter the most. Efficient and actionable working lunch meetings help me focus and re-align my actions with who I am and who I want to become.”

Viki Pavlic

TU Delft, Founder Essentik


Professional work

My passion is in realizing meaningful, radical innovation.
Here are some bold projects I’ve worked on with entrepreneurs: