20 Lunches, 20 Insights

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I did it! I’ve coached 20 entrepreneurs in 7 cities in 4 months.

My mission was to give a boost to radically new, positive impact business during my 6 month sabbatical. In exchange for lunch I offered up my expertise, and met some talented and passionate people throughout the world. I coached and consulted freelancers, digital nomads, first time entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans, duos and teams of 100. We covered everything from leadership challenges and personal development to business development, branding, design and proposition development. It’s been an awesome ride.

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Pivot with grace – designing agility into your startup

Every startup evolves – often unexpectedly. How do you manage this effectively?

How to transition from Free to Pay? How to take that thriving community and monetize it? How can you keep doors open to embrace all the potential but lock in what you need to move forward? And sometimes we just have an awesome business idea, something radically new. We don’t know how yet, but we feel it will work. In all these contexts, how to skillfully navigate this all the twists and turns so you can get to the best business? This article looks at one tool from design which can help improve your agility when you need to reconfigure your business.

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How to shape the world

You’ve found it!

The key to a better world…

is just two short words.

My first working lunch with Deepa Paul got me thinking about how challenging it can be to make the most of all the opportunities and really make the shift beyond incremental changes in our lives, businesses, and the world.

As an ambitious human, most often your biggest limitation is yourself. There are so many things you could do, prioritizing your time is essential. You can make to-do lists. But the lists change everyday, new urgencies pop up. Soon you’re buried in incremental steps that leave you looking back after a month or a year, thinking am I ever going to get there?

I have two simple words for you: road map.

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