20 Lunches, 20 Insights

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I did it! I’ve coached 20 entrepreneurs in 7 cities in 4 months.

My mission was to give a boost to radically new, positive impact business during my 6 month sabbatical. In exchange for lunch I offered up my expertise, and met some talented and passionate people throughout the world. I coached and consulted freelancers, digital nomads, first time entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans, duos and teams of 100. We covered everything from leadership challenges and personal development to business development, branding, design and proposition development. It’s been an awesome ride.

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The ‘next’ you

So you want to become an entrepreneur? Stop doing what you are already good at, and start telling people what you will be good at.

Activating your network is key to launching new initiatives, it’s about getting the word out there so people can help. You may need to leave your day job. You may want to do something totally different. You may have a radical idea that no one really understands. But often your biggest supporters have pigeon-holed you already, because they know (the old) you.

Now let’s say you are a graphic designer, and you want people to think of you a sustainability consultant. How do you make the switch? How can you break free and start something really new? This is what Jochem Duyff and I were discussing in a recent working lunch – how can you get people to see you in a different light?

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