Passive income – 5 considerations before you take the plunge on your own internet business

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Passive income is a catchphrase with mass appeal. Set it up and watch the money roll in. Sign me up!

So why are so few people embracing this? What are the chances of success and profit? Is it right for me?

In this post I explore 5 considerations, a starting point if you are considering taking the plunge.

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Pivot with grace – designing agility into your startup

Every startup evolves – often unexpectedly. How do you manage this effectively?

How to transition from Free to Pay? How to take that thriving community and monetize it? How can you keep doors open to embrace all the potential but lock in what you need to move forward? And sometimes we just have an awesome business idea, something radically new. We don’t know how yet, but we feel it will work. In all these contexts, how to skillfully navigate this all the twists and turns so you can get to the best business? This article looks at one tool from design which can help improve your agility when you need to reconfigure your business.

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Knowing what to share

You’ve got a massive business idea…worried about someone stealing it?

Farouk Meralli was bouncing new startup ideas off of me at rapid pace. Tantalizingly big ideas. I am bound to secrecy, but it got me thinking how often I meet entrepreneurs who feel nervous about sharing their ideas.

As a consultant it seems there are an increasing number of requests for non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) – just for initial conversations! Sure, NDAs have their place, you shouldn’t share patent worthy info without one, but you can’t build solid business ideas in isolation either. So how do you figure out what to share?

The key is understanding your competitive advantage and uncertainty.

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