February 9, 2017 reinierh

Because you can learn anything (Part 2)

The tables of learning are turning,

now that we can learn anything what should we do?


Today school requires you to memorize,

yet tomorrow’s work requires you to adapt.

The internet has made memorization obsolete,

and our next task easy to learn and complete.

Amidst AI and robots, online courses, and e-learning,

this is the new choice, for all students of life, leadership and business:

now that you can learn to do anything,

what does mean for your life?


We should start by learning how to fail with precision.

Methodically test and dissect each misstep,

practice failing until it becomes second nature,

to help unlearn our fear,

and relearn our curiosity.


How to choose what to learn?


Building on our strengths reduces the need for willpower,

building on our passions increases chances to overcome failure,

so we can best choose a complementary network of skills.

Yet the goal of an entrepreneur shouldn’t be to learn everything,

Investors want a team, not just you at the helm.


The role of the leader?


To scale you need others to duplicate your skills, to do what you do, and preferably better.

Leadership doesn’t require you to be the most skilled or knowledgeable,

but rather to help people embrace a radical vision, and grow to reach their personal mission.

As such, a leader is a teacher, and guide for what the team should learn.


To lead you must first lead yourself,

Organize your life to build skills that multiply themselves.

A daily routine should be to physically practice a chunk of a skill,

in real life conditions with feedback, immediate and true.

Repeat and repeat, with varying approaches,

And seek out renewal through mentors and coaches.


As entrepreneurs and leaders we must be effective with our time,     

so learn with a ferocity, these new connections of concern,

for when a day of multitasking is done, 

we have wasted a chance to learn,

only focused learning moves forward a plan.


The future of business?


To build your business you can hire those with adjacent skills.

As long as they start with a mindset and thirst for growth,

you can teach them how to learn, and lead them to grow.

Accept that they are transient, while your interests are aligned,

employees of the future are never yours to keep.


The future of learning?


The greatest shift is in the mindset we embrace,

When we relearn the systems as they ought to be.

Radical ideas are just new mindsets,

therefore we can learn the future we want.

We can unlearn old concepts like ‘waste’,

and relearn old truths like ‘circularity’.


In sum, the ability of people and companies to learn,

will dictate our advantage and potential to earn.

We will compromise less in personal and corporate choices,

Instead of feeling limited by today’s inabilities and insecure voices.

Our learning ambitions will follow our dreams,

and no longer our textbooks it seems.


Knowledge is old power, flexibility is the new.


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