Can you multiply your time?

I can appreciate the 80/20 rule, yet I think it’s outdated.

Sure, I accept that a first analysis will often show that 20% of inputs lead to 80% of outputs. I also agree that you can use this to sharpen your focus. But this analysis isn’t a catchall for every situation, and therefore hard to consistently put it into action on a daily basis. Most importantly it misses an opportunity for making really good use of your time – the potential to do things that multiply their effect over time.

How to use time today so that it multiplies its effect in the future?

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Leadership starts with energy

Is leadership the starting point for new business? If so, then what does leadership look like starting from zero, from a blank slate?

In a recent working lunch in Vietnam, I was consulting 10 disabled artists seeking to start a new business as a collective. But they lacked a starting point. How to start their business? What to do first? How would the pieces come together? Collectively they had a rough vision for what the business should be, but no plan to put it into action. They were paralyzed.

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Because you can learn anything (Part 2)

The tables of learning are turning,

now that we can learn anything what should we do?


Today school requires you to memorize,

yet tomorrow’s work requires you to adapt.

The internet has made memorization obsolete,

and our next task easy to learn and complete.

Amidst AI and robots, online courses, and e-learning,

this is the new choice, for all students of life, leadership and business:

now that you can learn to do anything,

what does mean for your life?

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How to learn anything (Part 1)

Think you can’t change?

That you will never be creative? Or do public speaking? Or that leading a team is not your thing? You can. Without having met you I know that with the right approach, you can learn anything.

This article will recap how you can learn anything, and once you’ve accepted this is possible, I will follow it up with an article considering what this means for building an ambitious startup.

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