Handicraft and the new world order

Today the Economist declared the age of Multinational domination has passed. The market for Handicrafts is on the rise.

Handcrafted products have been integral to the recent US election. I’m (kind of) serious. What do Donald Trump and handicrafts have in common? Nothing you say? Think again:

  • His ties? Handmade in ‘Gina – not in ‘Merica.
  • His suits? Handmade by Brioni in Italy – not by Americans.
  • Pink hats worn at his protests? Hand-knit by American women with a message of gender equality.

Will handicrafts determine the new world order? It’s a stretch, but we can learn some lessons from the rich stories behind local artisanal products. Read more

Why workaholics won’t change the world

I can’t deny that workaholics have serious impact, but should we emulate them?

I admire entrepreneurs, I think they will be the ones to make the necessary radical changes to the world viable – economical, culturally, environmentally. But it’s hard work, how to bring about change without losing balance in your own life? Does sacrificing your personal life like so many leaders (think Elon Musk, Steve Jobs) really change the world for the better? 

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Knowing what to share

You’ve got a massive business idea…worried about someone stealing it?

Farouk Meralli was bouncing new startup ideas off of me at rapid pace. Tantalizingly big ideas. I am bound to secrecy, but it got me thinking how often I meet entrepreneurs who feel nervous about sharing their ideas.

As a consultant it seems there are an increasing number of requests for non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) – just for initial conversations! Sure, NDAs have their place, you shouldn’t share patent worthy info without one, but you can’t build solid business ideas in isolation either. So how do you figure out what to share?

The key is understanding your competitive advantage and uncertainty.

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